Dr Josef Schlittenlacher

Josef is a multidisciplinary scientist with a focus on machine learning for healthcare and audio.
He graduated from TU Munich with a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and obtained a Ph.D. in Psychology at TU Darmstadt. He has done several research visits to Seikei University (Tokyo), a postdoc with Brian Moore at the University of Cambridge and is currently a lecturer at the University of Manchester. He also worked as a software developer and consultant for the aircraft industry, in relation to cockpit simulation and the loudness of helicopters and eVTOLs.

Recently, his main research focus has been on using machine learning to make hearing tests more efficient and more accurate. Further research on machine learning included text to speech and automatic speech recognition with applications for the hearing impaired. He is a specialist in perceptual models, and co-authored the upcoming ISO 532-3 standard for the calculation of loudness.

He won several awards for his work on perceptual models, including a Best Paper and Presentation Award at ICA 2019 and the DIN Award “Young Science” (DIN is the German Organisation for Standardisation).

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