Phonak Audéo Lumity

Phonak Paradise small and discreet rechargeable hearing aids use advanced technology to deliver sharp, crisp sounds, in a variety of different environments at exceptional prices.

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  • L90 R
  • L70 R
  • L50 R
  • L30 R
Available colours Champagne
Top features:
  • Released 2022
  • Reduce reverberation and echo for sharper listening
  • Eliminate vehicle and road noise when travelling
  • Make it easier to hear, with less effort, in noisy environments
  • Stream audio directly to your hearing aids via Bluetooth®
  • Control in real time using the myPhonak app
  • Maintenance kit and mini charger case included
  • Available in waterproof Phonak Life option
  • Telecoil available on request for R (rechargeable) models

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Waterproof (Phonak Life):

Optional waterproofing

Phonak Audéo Paradise’s advanced features make listening seamless. Now usability can be, too. With the Phonak Life add-on, devices are wearable in more situations than ever before. Waterproofing is effective to 50cm.


Connect with the world around you

Phonak Lumity provides connectivity to iOS and Android smartphones, TVs, Phonak Roger microphones and wireless accessories. Enjoy your favourite devices, make hands-free phone calls, stream music and even more. Up to eight Bluetooth® pairings can be made.


3 annual online

Remote consultation with an expert audiologist via video call


5 remote support
appointments per year**

Adjustments on demand. Additional support £60 per appointment


3-year product

Manufacturer’s warranty
(not including: wear and tear, accidental loss or damage)


60-day money
back guarantee

Giving you the peace of mind to buy with complete confidence

*Limited to one annual check-up when purchasing the Phonak Audéo Paradise P30. **Limited to three appointments when purchasing the Phonak Audéo Paradise P30

Empowering connectivity

With Phonak’s advanced artificial intelligence, you can connect directly to iOS®, Android, or other Bluetooth®-enabled devices. This means you can answer phone calls and play or pause music with a single tap of your hearing aid, adjust controls with your smart device using the myPhonak app, or connect directly to your TV (via the TV Connector accessory).

Learn about the myPhonak app
Recharging time

3 hours

Battery life

Up to 30 hours


2.1 g


28.0 x 11.9 x 8.0mm


What is SmartSpeech™ Technology?

SmartSpeech™ Technology is a unique collection of features, designed to deliver improved speech understanding and reduced listening effort in various environments. In its simplest terms, there’s less standing between you and the conversations that matter.


Outstanding rechargeable power

No more fiddling about with batteries. It takes only three hours (from 0%) to fully charge your Phonak Audéo Fit hearing aids to 100%. This gives you 24-30 hours of listening. All our hearing aids come with a Phonak Mini Charger Case for maximum convenience.



Phonak Domes


Phonak Domes attach to your hearing aid’s earpiece and should be replaced every six months, or if damaged. Open domes available in Small, Medium and Large. Ten per pack.

  • Dome Type
  • Size
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Partner Mic™


Phonak PartnerMic™ is a discreet and easy-to-use wireless microphone for one-to-one conversations in noisy environments. Simply attach to your partner’s shirt, blouse or jacket. Thanks to Phonak AirStream™ technology, their speech is streamed directly to your hearing aids. Just switch on and enjoy clear conversations!

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Phonak Remote Control


The Phonak Remote Control is an easy and subtle way of controling your Phonak hearing aids. It features three large buttons for simple handling and maximum convenience. The buttons are clearly visible and control the main hearing aid functions, including volume adjustments and changing programmes to suit your environment.

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Phonak Bluetooth TV Connector


The easy-to-use streaming device for TV and music, offering top-rated sound quality for multiple listeners. The Phonak Bluetooth® TV Connector is a simple plug-and-play interface for audio sources, supporting direct connectivity with our Phonak hearing aids. It’s easy to set up and is just like using wireless headphones.

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Roger On™


The dedicated microphone for all conversations that occur in background noise and over distance, giving you the flexibility to focus on the conversations that truly matter at work and with friends. With MultiBeam 2.0 Technology, Roger On distinguishes the direction of incoming speech, and automatically selects the person who is talking.

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Roger Select™


A versatile microphone that can be worn by a presenter or placed on a table. When multiple conversations take place, the listener can manually select whom to listen to.

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CeruShield Disk


The disk consists of 8 wax filters using a dispenser wheel. The filters protect the hearing aid receiver from wax build up. We suggest changing the CeruShield filter when the hearing aid volume or sound quality is reduced or if the receiver spout looks dirty.

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Extended warranty and service support £199

Increase your warranty to five years at time of purchase and save £100! (Costs £299 if extended after purchasing hearing aids)

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