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All our Online Remote Hearing Care packages include a one-to-one fitting consultation and comprehensive after-sales care, via video call. This includes annual check-ups and ongoing service support, all made possible with an easy-to-use app.


Introducing myPhonak:
the easy-to-use app

Different environments require different audio settings, but fiddling with your hearing aid in social situations can be a frustrating business. That’s why the myPhonak app connects seamlessly with all Phonak Paradise models, ensuring quick and simple on-the-go adjustments through your smartphone or tablet.

Peace of

  • Check hearing aid and accessory settings
  • View battery status
  • Manage Bluetooth® phone call connection


  • Adjust volume and frequencies
  • Select programmes for different situations
  • Create your own preferred settings


  • Receive convenient video support from your consultant
  • Enjoy remote hearing aid calibration
  • Test your hearing directly through your hearing aids

Get the myPhonak app now for iOS and Android


Annual check-up

Once a year, we’ll invite you for a one-hour annual check-up. No trips to a clinic are required, you can do the whole thing from your sofa through the app.

In a one-to-one video call with your consultant audiologist, we’ll test your hearing through your hearing aids to determine any changes, discuss questions or concerns, and make necessary adjustments to your hearing aid using remote digital wizardry.


Ongoing support

If you need some help between annual check-ups, no problem. All our packages include support appointments throughout the year, which means our friendly experts can answer questions, demystify the technology, or adjust your hearing aids when needed.

We are extremely passionate about what we do, so our team is always ready to make sure your hearing aids are working to their highest potential.

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