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  Advanced hearing care from the comfort of your sofa.

Start the hearing test
Start the hearing test
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Improving people’s lives through better hearing.

Why Online Hearing Care?

Are you struggling to keep up with conversations, particularly in noisy places? Do you miss out on social situations or the relaxing sounds of nature?

If so, it may be time to get some help from Online Hearing Care.

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Discreet, smart hearing aids with superior sound quality.

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Expert audiologist care and adjustments from your home.

Save money on High Street Hearing Aid prices
Amazing Value

Significant savings on high street prices.

Watch our short video to understand how we can help you with your hearing in the comfort of your own home


How Online Hearing Care works

All you need is a smart phone or tablet.

Step1 Taking on the online hearing test
Hearing Test

Take a simple online hearing test to see if you have hearing loss.

It’s quick and easy.

2 Using the Online Hearing Care home hearing test kit
Order online

If so, order your hearing aids online and book a home hearing kit so we can measure your hearing exactly and adjust your hearing aids to the perfect settings.

3 Phonak hearing aids in their carry case
Delivered to your door

We send you your perfectly calibrated, state-of-the-art hearing aids and our expert audiologists will fit them remotely.

4 Professional and expert support from the comfort of your own home
Follow-up care

Enjoy first class remote after-care, ongoing support and adjustments as you need it.

Advanced hearing test

The Home Hearing Kit

A full clinical hearing assessment, with a consultant – all in a box!

Exclusive to the UK, Online Hearing Care uses the unique Home Hearing Kit to achieve optimal hearing results.

  • Easy to use, fifteen minute test
  • Simple on-screen instructions
  • Full frequency hearing assessment
  • Ear drum health examination via camera
  • Delivered and collected at your door
  • Clinic standard hearing accuracy
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Taking the home hearing test

Best in Class

Phonak Audéo Paradise Hearing Aids

Our hearing aids don’t just turn up the volume. They are smart. They know when to prioritise the voice of the person to whom you are speaking, whilst turning down unwanted background noise. They can also connect to your smartphone so you can listen to calls and music. You can even connect them to your television! Clever technology with superior sound, that’s simple to use.

The Phonak Audéo Paradise P70 at just £1945 per pair and the Phonak Audéo Paradise P90 at £2495 per pair both represent incredible value for money, saving up to £500 on High Street prices!

You’ll get all the help you need to set them up and we even offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

H0 Beige
P1 Sand Beige
P4 Chestnut
P5 Champagne
P6 Silver Grey
P7 Graphite Grey
P8 Velvet Black

Customer care

Remote hearing care

Through your smartphone or tablet, we can save you time-consuming trips to an audiology clinic.

In a one-to-one video consultation via our app, your friendly audiologist fits and tunes your hearing aid correctly so it performs brilliantly.

It doesn’t stop there. We’ll make sure your hearing aids continue to deliver superior hearing for your complete peace of mind.

  • Remote fitting consultation and custom-programming
  • Annual check-ups of your hearing and hearing aids
  • Service support for remote adjustments, on demand
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Engaging with the hearing app

Backed by a world-leading board of advisors

The Online Hearing Care unique home-testing programme has been approved by our internationally recognised team of leading audiology experts to give you first class service and results.

Prof Brian Moore

Emeritus Professor of Auditory Perception, University of Cambridge, specialising in audiology and the development and assessment of hearing aids.

Prof Shafi Ahmed

Award-winning Consultant Surgeon at the Royal London Hospital. Shafi is a teacher, futurist, innovator and entrepreneur.

Dr Josef Schlittenlacher

Lecturer at Manchester University and multidisciplinary scientist focusing on machine learning for healthcare and auditory science.

James Tysome

Consultant ENT Surgeon at Cambridge University Hospitals. Chair of NHS England Specialised Ear and Opthalmology Clinical Advisory Group.

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