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Remote hearing care

Remote hearing care via an easy to use app

Going the extra mile

Exceptional customer care & service

All our Online Remote Hearing Care packages have a one-to-one fitting consultation online via an easy to use app with comprehensive after-sales care. This includes annual check-ups to check your hearing and hearing aids, and service support if you need any adjustments or help in-between.

Trained and experienced audiologists support your hearing needs
Clinical Expertise

Our highly skilled audiologists can adjust your hearing aids remotely for perfect sound clarity.

Hearing aid support from the comfort of your home
Convenient and accessible

Make adjustments on demand, wherever you are, with the easy-to-use app

one-to-one online hearing aid support from an audiologist
Ongoing support

We take care of your hearing needs. Annual check-ups, warranty and service support


Annual check up

Once a year, we’ll invite you for a one hour annual check-up. No trips to a clinic are required, you can do the whole thing from your sofa through the app.

In a one-to-one video call with your consultant audiologist, we’ll test your hearing through your hearing aids to determine if there have been any changes.

We can make adjustments to your hearing aid programming with remote digital wizardry and fine tuning. We’ll also discuss any concerns may have with your hearing, or questions about your hearing aids.


Easy to use app

If you need to make some tweaks or adjustments yourself depending on your environment, you can! No need to fiddle with your hearing aid, simply adjust the sound with the easy-to-use app on either your own, or a family member’s smartphone or tablet.

Clever technology with superior sound, that’s simple to use.




What does the app do?

• Check the settings of the hearing aids and accessories
• Battery status
• Bluetooth® phone call connection

Remote Control

• Adjust and control the volume and frequencies of your
Phonak hearing aids
• Select programmes for different listening situations
• Create your own preferred settings
• Touch control

Online support

• Convenient video support from your Consultant
• Hearing aid adjustments performed remotely
• Test your hearing directly through the hearing aids with
your hearing care professional.


Ongoing Support

If you need some help in between annual check-ups then that’s no problem. If you have any questions, need a bit of help with any of the technology, or simply want us to make a few adjustments – then our friendly team can help.

All our packages include Support appointments throughout the year. The team can make remote adjustments to suit your lifestyle, talk you through anything that you are not sure of and make sure your hearing is at its highest potential.

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