The advanced technology of Phonak hearing aids

While some hearing aids do just enough to get you by, the Phonak Paradise range is absolutely packed with advanced technology. Between the hearing aids themselves and the accessories that can be used alongside them, you can experience better hearing in virtually any challenging environment.

Better yet, there are many models to choose from – each with a varying number of features. That means you’ll only pay for what you need, whether it’s focused listening in background noise or improved music quality. Let’s take a look inside these surprising devices.

To save you a lengthy read, we won’t list every automatic function of the more advanced Paradise hearing aids, like the P90. But you can consult our helpful comparison chart. You’ll notice that at the more advanced end of the scale, road noise is diminished, individuals speaking can be acutely focused on, and uncomfortable echoes reduced.

With the slightly more basic P70, the handy Tap Control feature remains a real draw. It enables the answering of phone calls, the playing of music, and the activation of your smartphone’s assistant at just a tap. The hearing aid will also prioritise music, offering rich sound and balanced tones.

Even the basic Paradise models ensure users experience pleasant hearing in quiet settings, clear speech against background noise and a reduction of frustrating whistling feedback. There’s also capacity to stream audio from any Bluetooth device. This may be your smartphone, tablet or digital radio. Set up and switching is easy, with the myPhonak app.

Speaking of app control – it’s a simple and effective way to customise all sorts of settings. Adjust volume, level of noise reduction, frequencies and programs. You can also check battery percentage and attend remote video consultations with us.

Now, if all that isn’t enough, let’s explore accessories!

If expanding connectivity options is your thing, you may be interested in the Phonak TV Connector. As the name suggests, it lets you stream television sound directly into your hearing aid. With its USB and 3.5mm jack connections, other compatible devices – such as a PC – are also right there for the listening.

Exceeding even the capabilities of the Paradise hearing aid on its own, the Phonak PartnerMic can be paired for the best possible speech clarity. When worn by a partner, speech will be streamed directly into your hearing aid, with background noise at an absolute minimum.

We know an app isn’t for everyone so for those who prefer a more tactile means of control, we supply the Phonak RemoteControl. Although your hearing devices will be perfectly programmed to your audiological profile, you may wish to make minor adjustments from time to time. Large buttons make changing crucial settings easy. You may not have to remove your hand from your pocket!

To find the right Phonak hearing aid for you, shop the range.

If you have questions about your unique needs, get in touch!

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