Hearing Heroes: Deborah, 62

In an ongoing series, we shine a spotlight on our happy customers – giving them the chance to share the potential benefits of Online Hearing Care with you. This month, Deborah, a lifelong hearing aid user.

Having worn hearing aids since childhood, Deborah was far more informed about the nature of her hearing loss than many of our customers, when she approached us. She lives with significant loss in one ear, while the other is degrading slightly with age. Sound quality is important to her, now more than ever.

“I’ve used free hearing aids all my life,” she recalls. “I can’t say they’ve ever been particularly comfortable, and the sound wasn’t exactly exceptional. I’d heard great things about more advanced options in recent years, so I decided it was finally time to save up and buy some.

“I shopped around, but kept running into a pushy sales approach. I knew I wanted Phonak Paradise – and I feel the customer’s decision should be respected. I work in retail myself, so that’s very important to me.”

With such regular hearing tests, Deborah didn’t need to order a home assessment. Instead, she got in touch to hear which Paradise model we’d recommend. Based on her varied needs, she purchased a pair of P70s and submitted a recent audiogram. 

“The team were very accommodating, working around my schedule for a remote fitting. I didn’t have to take any time off work,” Deborah says.

“I can’t tell you what a change the improved sound quality has made to my life. I’m hearing things that I’ve missed for decades. I especially love the custom profiles, designed for busier situations, like when I’m working behind the till or out and about with friends. But things are just better overall. 

“I can’t recommend the Paradise range enough, and the Online Hearing Care team provided such a pleasant level of support. I’ve never been happier with my hearing.”

It’s always a joy to see customers happy with our Phonak hearing aids – we choose to provide only the best. If you feel you could benefit, explore the range today or get in touch.

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