Should I buy hearing aids online?

Audiology has always been an in-person endeavour, so it’s only natural to have a question or two about our online model. First and foremost, if you’re wondering whether it’s a good decision, the answer is a resounding yes!

We’re the only UK-based business to offer everything a high-street audiologist does, entirely remotely. We provide clinical-standard testing, hearing aid sales and set-up, as well as follow-up care. It’s safe to say we’re ahead of the curve – and there are more benefits than you may realise.

One of the biggest draws is cost saving. We offer significantly reduced prices on the exact same Phonak Paradise hearing aids found in retailers. In fact, you could be looking at up to £450 off the average.*

When you consider fitting, up to five follow-up appointments and three years’ worth of annual check-ups are all included in the price of our devices, the value for money is obvious. We’ll even discount the up-front cost of our clinical-standard Home Assessment Box from your hearing aids, should you choose to purchase after testing.

A number of perks are in place, on top of the guaranteed savings. We’ve recently introduced Splitit, letting you spread the cost of devices with 0% finance. There’s also a referral discount, worth £100 for you and a friend. To ensure you’re happy with the hearing aids you’ve chosen, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. And, if you do manage to find a cheaper Paradise model here in the UK, we’ll match it!

Beyond the financial benefits, you won’t have to travel to appointments, but will still get face-to-face care via video calls. For some, this saves time, effort and smaller costs. For others, it’s an absolute essential.

Just because we aren’t with you in person, doesn’t mean we aren’t on hand to provide support, exactly when you need it. On the contrary, in most cases we can fit you in at very short notice. Simply find a quiet place at home or work, then call the clinic. Scheduled appointments are handled conveniently through the myPhonak app.

If you’d like to hear about the quality of our services from customers, simply read the testimonials on our Home page or check out the Hearing Heroes blog series.

Shop hearing aids online or get in touch with further questions.

*Average cost of Phonak P70R (pair) calculated using prices from six popular retailers, on 27 June 2022.

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