What to expect at your remote appointments

As innovative as our remote testing is, the care process doesn’t end there. You couldn’t simply order a pair of our Phonak hearing aids and wear them straight out of the box. Professional assistance is required – and we’re here to provide it. Here’s a look ahead at what you can expect post-purchase.

In an initial video call, we’ll ensure you know how to fit your hearing aids correctly, so they feel comfortable and function fully. They will have been calibrated for you prior to delivery, based on the nature of your specific hearing loss – as determined by an audiogram. Still, this is an opportunity to make any further tone or volume adjustments.

We’ll also deliver essential guidance on best practice for using your new devices. This includes general safekeeping, hearing aid instructions and myPhonak app advice.

Finally, we’ll use your hearing aids to measure your hearing thresholds with the devices in use. It allows us to confirm all elements of the fitting are as accurate as possible.

After this initial set-up appointment, we’ll leave you to adjust to your hearing aids for a short while. It’s important to note that it will likely take some time to get used to the change – especially if you’re a first-time user. After all, the brain has to retrain itself to receive certain signals.

Next comes a remote follow-up. You may take this opportunity to ask for a few further adjustments to sound, and we can answer any usage questions. We’ll also take you through the cleaning process. You’ll need to change the earwax filters inside your Phonak hearing aids regularly, and may wish to change the domes.

Typically, we find many customers are satisfied with one follow-up meeting after fitting, but if you feel you require another, we’re always on-hand to help. You’re entitled to five remote consultations per year – or three with the Phonak P30 – every year for three years. In addition, we’ll arrange three more in-depth annual meetings, which include updated hearing tests and any resulting adjustments.

Best of all, our remote care is included in the initial price of your hearing aids. If additional appointments are needed, they can be arranged at a small charge.

If you’re yet to join the Online Hearing Care family, order a Hearing Assessment Box or shop for hearing aids today. For any further questions, please get in touch.

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