Tips for success with your new hearing device

If you’re currently adjusting to new hearing aids, we’re certain you could benefit from some advice.

First, we’d urge you to be patient. Suddenly hearing everything again can be overwhelming and you will probably come to the realisation that the world is not as quiet as you remember! You are not hearing anything louder than that you ever did – it will just take time for your brain to remember all these sounds and learn to ignore them again.

Wear your hearing device as much as possible, because you need to get used to hearing everything again. Start off with a few hours a day around the house. As you become used to your hearing devices, start to wear them in more challenging listening situations, such as a shopping centre, restaurant, café, or in the car. The first few times may be difficult, but it will get easier as your brain gets used to the extra noise.

Keep a diary and write down anything you feel is not quite right with the sound from your hearing device. Include as much information as possible, such as where you were and what you were listening to, as well as what the problem was. Your audiologist can make many adjustments to your hearing device and detailed information will help them make accurate corrections.

Talk to your audiologist if you feel something is not right. Many people tend to give up and put their hearing devices in a drawer rather than tell their audiologist about issues they are having. It’s important to have an open and honest relationship with your audiologist, so that any issues that come up can be resolved quickly.

Attend your follow-up appointments, even if you feel that everything is going well. Your audiologist may make some subtle changes to further improve your access to sound, provide additional programs for specific listening situations, or focus on communication strategies for you to use in more challenging listening environments. They may also recommend specific assistive listening devices for situations where your hearing device alone is not enough.

We’re always happy to provide our customers with advice and support. Get in touch at [email protected] or call 0800 054 1138.

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