What extra features do the Phonak Paradise range of hearing aids have?

Alongside the amazing sound quality that Phonak Paradise hearing aids provide, they also come with the MyPhonak app, which is available to download for free on your smartphone/tablet. Depending on the level of technology you choose, the number of automatic features differs (take a look at our features table for more). For example, the Phonak Paradise p90 is fully automatic and adjusts itself to different environments, whether there is loud noise or music.

The MyPhonak app allows you to take extra control of your hearing aids, should you feel you want to!

Here are some examples of what the app offers:

  • Volume and mute function
  • Battery percentage
  • Noise reduction control
  • Adjustment of frequencies (bass/middle/trebles)
  • Programs (you can make changes that apply to a specific environment and save it as a program to easily access it again)
  • Remote consultation via video call with your audiologist

The app offers extra control of your hearing aids but it doesn’t mean that you have to continuously alter your settings; it’s there should you want to adjust something. The volume control function proves popular with people for when they’re out and about as it’s possible to discreetly alter the settings without drawing attention to the hearing aids.

As well as the app, the hearing aids have the ability to stream audio; whether it’s answering a phone call or listening to music. Any audio you’d normally listen to through headphones, you can listen to through your hearing aids instead. So if you’re a hearing aid wearer, there’s no need to carry your headphones around with you!

An extra advantage of the 2 top models (the p70 and p90) is that they have Tap Control – if you’d like to pause/resume audio at any time, you can easily do so by just tapping the hearing aid. Tap Control also offers Siri/Google Assistant as well as answering/ending phone calls – great technology, all at your fingertips!

Watch these videos to explain Tap Control by Phonak: 

Watch a video to explain the MyPhonak app:

If you’re thinking about purchasing your first Paradise hearing aid or upgrading to a more advanced model, explore the range right here.

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