The complete remote audiology package

We catch the eye of many customers as a leading provider of Phonak hearing aids, but we’re so much more! Included in the price of any hearing aid you purchase from us, you’ll also get our wide range of services. But what exactly can you expect?

Your road to hearing care begins with testing – and we’re here to facilitate that in a way no other UK audiologist can. Our online screening test is free to all, but if it suggests you have hearing loss, or you need an updated audiogram, clinical standards are required.

We can send our advanced Hearing Assessment Box to your door, and it’s designed to be operated by you. In other words, you’ll get the full audiologist testing treatment entirely remotely. Best of all, if you do purchase a hearing aid from us, the kit’s £95 rental fee will be refunded in its entirety.

Once you’ve purchased a hearing aid, it will require fitting and calibration. Normally, this is done in person, but once again we ensure you reap the rewards of the Phonak range from home. We simply arrange a video call at a time that’s convenient to you, then make the necessary adjustments using the myPhonak app’s remote control capabilities.

After one or two weeks, we’re confident you’ll have become more familiar with your new hearing aids. Around this time, we’ll arrange a follow-up appointment, to answer any questions – and make sure the hearing aids are performing as you’d like.

These are advanced technological tools, so most customers are happy with their performance after a single adjustment. If not, you’re entitled to five free remote appointments per year – three if you purchase a Paradise P30. But we can always be available… and are happy to arrange further follow-up calls at a small charge.

Finally, we’ll welcome you to more in-depth yearly check-ups for three years, during which we’ll re-test your to monitor any changes. If hearing loss has deteriorated slightly, we’ll ensure your Paradise hearing aids are calibrated to accommodate.

We’re proud to offer the Phonak range at a price point you’ll struggle to find anywhere else, but we’re even prouder to deliver the continued support you need, long after purchase. If you’re interested in becoming our next customer, shop the range today, or order our Hearing Assessment Box. For our expert advice, get in touch today.

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