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March 17, 2021

Will a hearing aid change my looks?

Hearing aids are amazing small devices that can transform your life so why put off wearing one? They have progressed so far in how they can perform as well as how they look and fit into your ear – it is truly incredible.

Our ‘behind the ear’ hearing aids virtually disappear once they are in your ears. They fit well with glasses and won’t “push your ears out” as some people might think! Many people wear glasses with hearing aids with no problems at all.

While some people are happy to embrace wearing hearing aids, some may want a more discreet option. If you would like to keep your hearing aids hidden, you could choose a hearing aid which is close in colour to your hair so that it can blend in. For example, if you have brown hair the body of the hearing aid could also be brown and it rests just behind the ear. The fine wire is transparent, runs along the side of the ear and into the ear canal. This virtually invisible unless someone is actively looking for it!

For people that wear glasses, many choose to match their hearing aid colour to that of their frames. For example, if someone wears glasses with a black frame all of the time, they might choose to buy black hearing aids.

Ask yourself what would be worse: struggling to hear a conversation in a social setting OR wearing a very discreet hearing aid and enjoying life….?!