Online Hearing Care’s ground-breaking service

Online Hearing Care has developed new technology to provide hearing tests, hearing aids and ongoing support for millions of people suffering from hearing loss – all within the comfort of their own homes. This radical new service model has been developed with the backing of an advisory board consisting of internationally recognised audiology and digital healthcare specialists.

Online Hearing Care’s innovative Hearing Assessment Box allows audiologists to remotely assess a client’s hearing to clinic standards. Clients are provided with all the diagnostic equipment that audiologists would use in clinic, with accurately calibrated headphones and an otoscopic examination of the ear canal and ear drum.   

Current online hearing tests using standard headphones and earbuds can determine whether a patient has hearing loss and indicate the severity of the loss, but Online Hearing Care is currently the only hearing care provider in the world to go the extra step and offer a full home examination, to deliver a complete audiogram and ear canal assessment. This allows audiologists to remotely programme the hearing aids with pin-point accuracy for each patient, and identify any other conditions.  

In addition, patients receive full ongoing support from audiologists via virtual appointments and their hearing aids can be remotely adjusted from anywhere in the world.  

Professor Shafi Ahmed, Consultant Surgeon, Royal London Hospital, is a pioneer in digital healthcare solutions and expert Advisory Board Member to Online Hearing Care.

Professor Ahmed comments: “It’s very exciting to see this technology being made available to patients in their own homes, replicating a full audiology exam in the patient’s home to the greatest degree possible. The last year has seen a real step change in acceptance of remote health assessment and provision, by both professionals and patients – a trend that we see continuing post-Covid. Treating hearing loss is at the forefront of this trend and patients’ quality of life can be dramatically and quickly improved with accurate assessment and treatment.”

Richard Tucker, Chief Executive Officer at Online Hearing Care, says: “Online Hearing Care is dedicated to improving people’s lives through better hearing. Around 1 in 6 of the UK population – over 10 million adults – suffer from hearing loss of some kind and, as our population ages, that number will increase. The company’s mission is to help people understand that hearing loss should be taken seriously, and that it can be treated very successfully, if addressed early.

“Several research papers have made the connection between hearing loss and increased rates of depression, social isolation, and risk of dementia and cognitive decline. We intend to tackle the taboo of hearing loss and to highlight the importance and effectiveness of early treatment, providing a service which improves quality of life as we age.”

Online Hearing Care hearing solutions are discreet, easily adjustable and effective hearing aids from world-leading hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak. 

“Phonak’s ground-breaking hearing devices contain advanced technology for increased functionality and superior performance, with features including Dynamic Noise Cancellation, Speech Enhancer and UltraZoom for sharper sound quality in a variety of situations – especially in busy social settings,” explains Richard Tucker.

“You can make phone calls, listen to music, hear your sat nav instructions, and participate fully in conversations in a crowded room.

“Our hearing aids can be programmed and adjusted via an app available for iOS and Android phones, and can even be adjusted anywhere in the world by our audiologists.”

The Online Hearing Care service includes a 60-day money back guarantee, annual check-ups, remote care service support for any adjustments, and a 3-year warranty. Without bricks and mortar overheads, Online Hearing Care are able to keep prices substantially lower than high street audiologists. 

Founded in 2020, Online Hearing Care has the backing of an expert Advisory Board of internationally recognised audiology and digital healthcare specialists that includes Professor Brian Moore, Emeritus Professor of Auditory Perception, University of Cambridge; Dr Josef Schlittenlacher, Lecturer at Manchester University and multidisciplinary scientist specialising in machine learning for auditory science; and James Tysome, Consultant ENT Surgeon at Cambridge University Hospitals. 

With a world-leading board of advisors, innovative remote care and superior hearing device technology, Richard Tucker sums up the mission of Online Hearing Care: “Online Hearing Care’s advanced hearing care gives those with hearing loss easy and convenient access to audiological services without having to actually visit a clinic. The Covid pandemic has shown that there is an increased demand for remote audiology services and our technology provides the closest experience possible to a clinic visit.”

If you’d like to start your Online Hearing Care journey, you can take an online screening test today or order a Hearing Assessment Box. If you have an up-to-date audiogram, shop our Phonak range here.

For more information or advice, email [email protected] or call 0800 054 1138.

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