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May 19, 2021

NHS vs Private Hearing aids

What’s the difference between what Online Hearing Care offers and the hearing aids I can get from the NHS for free? There is no right or wrong answer to this question as it is dependent upon individual circumstances. The difference between private and NHS services is generally the features of the hearing aid.

Whether you choose the NHS or Private route for treating your hearing loss, deciding to treat your hearing is a key decision. Informing yourself of all the options can help you to make the best decision to suit your own circumstances and health requirements.

An NHS hearing aid usually works well in quiet one to one situations but if there is background noise they can make everything louder rather than clearer. The Phonak paradise hearing aids that you can purchase from us offer unrivalled natural sound quality whilst also automatically adjusting itself to different sound environments. Depending on the technology level, they can adapt to variety of listening situations such as noise, echo, and music. You do not have to adjust anything yourself if you prefer them being automatic and can just pop them in your ears and let them do all the work!

The level of technology in a private hearing instrument can accommodate different situations. Latest technology reduces the noise in the environment to focus on the person/people you are with so that you can remain part of the situation and engage in conversation.

Your hearing ability is truly unique therefore the ideal solution should be customised to you. An NHS hearing instrument tends to be a ‘one size fits all’ solution, whereas private devices are designed to match to your lifestyle and hearing loss.


Do I need a referral or prescription from my doctor for hearing aids?

If you want to pursue the NHS route for treating your hearing loss, yes you do.

If you choose the private route, no you don’t. With Online Hearing Care you can choose your service level and your hearing aid technology. You can also take an online hearing test to understand your current hearing loss.

Should I delay getting my hearing checked?

The earlier you treat your hearing loss the better. If you can’t afford to pay privately, getting any treatment for your hearing is better than doing nothing. So please don’t delay.

How quickly can I get hearing aids?

If you choose the NHS route, the longest wait is likely to be for the appointment with the audiology clinic. If you need hearing aids, depending on your hearing loss and what type of hearing aid they issue you, it can take in total up to 8-12 weeks. 

With Online Hearing Care, you can receive a solution to your hearing loss delivered directly to your door in just a few days.

What are the costs in getting a hearing aid?

A hearing aid on the NHS is free on a long-term loan; batteries and follow up appointments are free.