Is it time to upgrade your hearing aids?

Have you been thinking about upgrading you current hearing aids? Perhaps because of changes in your hearing, lifestyle or technology?

Hearing aids aren’t designed to last forever, with a typical lifespan of around three to seven years. Since they are worn for many hours a day, they are also subjected to wear and tear, so it depends how well the instrument is built, maintained and cleaned.  

If you’ve had your hearing aids for a few years and are wondering what’s new, look no further than the Phonak Paradise range! The devices offer unrivalled quality, delivering crisp, natural sound you can thoroughly enjoy.

Technology has changed rapidly in the last few years, and amazing new features are offering greater quality and a better user experience than ever before. There’s no longer a need to switch between programs, and previously challenging experiences can be comfortable once again. Conversations can be heard exactly the way you want them, for example, thanks to the Paradise range’s built-in enhancers for softer speech.

Now lockdown has ended, you’re sure to be in more background noise before you know it! As you return to restaurants and activities, you may question whether your current hearing aids are up to tackling these noisy environments. Phonak hearing aids offer noise-cancelling technology to ensure you can enjoy all of life’s moments – not just the quiet ones.

The Paradise range also connects to your iOS or Android smartphone through the myPhonak app, offering control of your hearing aids as you see fit. Stream audio directly from any Bluetooth device, removing the need for headphones.

What’s more, our hearing aids are rechargeable, so you never have to change a battery again – not to mention it’s kinder to the environment. Battery life isn’t a concern, and the lithium-ion technology is designed to be more reliable, as no dust, dirt or water can enter the shell. Just pop them in your charger every night and you are good to go the next day. If you forget, a quick 30 minutes in the charger gives around six hours of listening – a full charge takes around 3.5 hours.

Another new feature available is the motion sensor. This detects if you are standing still or moving, registers the noise of the environment around you, and gives you the best possible hearing outcome. A conversation and a walk with a loved one shouldn’t have to be separate events.

Online Hearing Care delivers these fantastic hearing aids alongside incredible service, all from the comfort of your own home. The hearing aids are preprogrammed and sent to you based on hearing test results, either from the home test kit we offer, or your recent audiogram (within the last six months). Next, you connect with your Online Hearing Care audiologist via the myPhonak app, and they fine-tune your hearing aids, making sure everything is perfect for you right there and then. It’s the full service – without having to leave your house or visit a clinic! This technology wasn’t imaginable five years ago, and we’re sure you’re just as excited about it as we are.

Shop the range here!

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