How to use the myPhonak app for better hearing aid performance

The myPhonak app is essential in the set-up of your Phonak hearing aids, but its potential stretches much further. While some put their Paradise devices on intelligent Automatic mode and leave them there, those who utilise the app’s wider range of offerings are sure to have an even better experience.

Firstly, there are a few simple functions that facilitate an easier day-to-day life. Upon opening myPhonak and landing on the Remote Control home page, you’ll see device charge levels, volume and current program at a glance. Handy, isn’t it?

Enter the navigation menu in the top-right corner, select Tap Control and you’ll unlock a range of functions at your fingertips. You can choose how your hearing aids respond to a double tap – including accepting incoming calls, pausing or resuming any streamed audio and activating your smartphone’s voice assistant (Siri on iPhone and Google Assistant on many Androids).

You’ll find Hearing Diary and Remote Support in the same navigation menu. Respectively, these let you track the performance of your devices with ease and attend appointments with us via video call. There’s nothing too extraordinary going on here – not yet – but the more convenient your hearing aids are, the more likely you are to stick with them. Better hearing shouldn’t be a chore.

Back on the Remote Control page, press the downwards arrow icon, located to the right of the active program name, and things get very impressive. You’ll see a list of programs, with settings optimised for different listening environments. Some may have even been tailored to your specific type of hearing loss when we calibrated your hearing aids.

With any selected program, enter the settings menu by tapping the icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Here, you can adjust a whole host of advanced options, such as individual frequencies, the degree of focus on speech, and prioritisation of dynamics. Overwrite the selected program’s settings by tapping Update, or rename and save the settings in a new slot by pressing Save as.

We’d advise not overwriting established programs you’ll frequently need, or ones we’ve customised for you – but creating your own profiles can be hugely beneficial. If you frequent the theatre, for example, you may wish to increase softer sounds for quiet moments and reduce loud dynamics and bass slightly. It’s so quick and easy, you could even establish a program for important one-off events, like a busy family household at Christmas.

Remember, more features will be visible with more advanced Paradise models. And, if you ever need a quick how-to reminder, the instructions button in the top-left corner of the Remote Control page should tell you all you need to know. For anything your app can’t answer, or for some expert assistance with setting up tailored programs, we’re happy to help our customers at any time. Call 0800 054 1138, or email [email protected]

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