Hearing Heroes: Alan, 66

In an ongoing series, we shine a spotlight on our happy customers – giving them the chance to share the potential benefits of Online Hearing Care with you. This month, Alan, a technology enthusiast

“At my age, Online Hearing Care was not my first rodeo,” Alan laughs. “I’d been using my old pair of hearing aids for years, but managed to lose one of them. I decided to get something more modern, rather than replace it.”

Despite his jokes about age, we quickly realised Alan is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. He was impressed by the Phonak range – and we suggested a more advanced model, based on his needs. “I’d been put in touch by a friend and existing Online Hearing Care customer, and when the team told me I could save £100 with his referral code, I decided to pull out all the stops and purchase a pair of Phonak P90s.

“There’s a world of difference between these hearing aids and my last pair. I’m still discovering new features every day, and it seems that wherever I am, a whole new automatic setting just kicks right in. I’d have known about them all in advance, if I hadn’t been a hearing aid down at my consultation,” Alan jests.

“Truthfully, though, my hearing in all kinds of loud environments is better than ever. I can speak to Siri with a tap, music sounds amazing and it streams right into my ears – I can even stream business Zoom calls from my laptop. Controlling everything with an app suits me down to the ground. My phone is always glued to my hand regardless!”

Yet to return to the office in person, Alan is excited by the prospect of improved communication.

“I’m required in a lot of busy meetings and conferences, and those have always been my greatest hearing challenge,” he says. “Online Hearing Care’s Roger On accessory is designed for situations just like these. If it’s half as good as the hearing aids themselves, I’ll be impressed.” Whether you’re seeking tech you can admire, like Alan, or simply want advanced features so seamless you’ll barely notice them, get in touch to discuss the right solution for you today.

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