Choosing the right Phonak model

We offer four unique Paradise hearing aids, so finding the perfect option for you is key. We’re always on hand to provide detailed guidance, but the differences and highlights below may just set you on the right path.

The new year is an ideal time to make positive change. Whether you’re an existing customer whose hearing aids are reaching the end of their life, a non-private patient wanting to experience the advanced technology of the Phonak range, or someone with hearing loss looking for a first set of devices – now is the time to act!

The most important factor to consider is lifestyle. Naturally, features offered by more advanced models only come into effect when the situation demands it. In short, if you’re more of a homebody, the Paradise P30 may be perfectly adequate; if you spend time in diverse environments, the P90 will ensure the best hearing throughout.

Before we jump into modes, a few physical features are well worth noting. In the P90 and P70, Tap Control enables you to activate your smart device’s assistant, answer/reject calls, and pause/resume streamed audio with just a touch. Available in all models except the P30, Motion Sensor Hearing utilises a sensor to direct the hearing aid microphones towards the point of speech, even while both parties are moving. All Paradise hearing aids are also rechargeable, meaning you’ll never worry about inconvenient battery replacements again.

Phonak Paradise P30

The ‘Essential’ Paradise model is limited in features, but still highly advanced when compared to free NHS devices. They excel in quiet environments and will prioritise speech when background noise becomes louder. A number of programs can be added, including custom options. But, with space for only four, you’ll have to choose wisely.

Phonak Paradise P50

The ‘Standard’ Paradise hearing aid offers all of the above, with the addition of Comfort in Noise. When no speech is present, this makes an uncomfortably loud environment much more pleasant. Four additional slots can be filled by programs including Music, which expands device dynamic range and slows compression speed for richer listening.

Phonak Paradise P70

Building upon previous features, the ‘Advanced’ Paradise device begins to add even more impressive options. The Music program comes as standard, leaving an additional slot free. These can be filled by Speech in 360° and Speech in Loud Noise options, if desired. The former locates speech and streams into both ears, for improved intelligibility without having to face the speaker. The latter focuses clearly on conversation in front of the wearer, even in very challenging environments.

Phonak Paradise P90

As the most advanced of the bunch, the ‘Premium’ Paradise model offers all features mentioned so far automatically, with the addition of the innovative Speech in Car and Comfort in Echo modes. These programs improve communication and hearing comfort in the most difficult situations. For those who travel often and enjoy otherwise limiting spaces – such as a place of worship, the theatre, museums or dinner parties – there’s no better option.

Shop our range and compare all features directly here. For our expert advice, get in touch today.

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