Caring for your Phonak device

So, you’ve chosen to invest in a Phonak Paradise hearing aid – an excellent decision. Not only because of its cutting-edge features, but these devices can be trusted to provide top-quality performance for years to come. In fact, that’s why we stock them.

But like any device, especially one worn on the body, your Phonak hearing aid will only continue to give great results if it’s well taken care of. Sure, this is robust and durable technology, but it benefits from regular cleaning, servicing and correct handling. And we’re here to highlight some of the best ways to maintain your Phonak Paradise, keeping it in tip-top shape.

Although our Phonak Paradise hearing aids are worn behind the ear, the earpiece still requires regular cleaning. This should free it from wax and keep the sound nice and clear. The speaker is protected by both a regular earpiece dome, as well as a CeruShield filter. As a guide, we’d advise inspecting and cleaning the dome daily, and replacing the filter once every four to eight weeks.

Here’s how to do it. First remove the dome from the speaker. It will pull off quite easily, just as you’d find on a regular set of earphones. Once removed, clean it with a damp, lint-free cloth, and place in a safe spot, like a dish or cup to dry completely. Next, wipe the speaker with a dry, lint-free cloth to make sure it’s free of wax.

If you need to replace the filter, just use one of our handy CeruShield Disks. The disk has two openings. Opening 1 is marked with a rubbish bin icon, and is where the used filter goes. Opening 2 houses the replacement filter. Turn the disk clockwise and you’ll hear and feel two clicks. This readies both openings. Now, simply insert the speaker into Opening 1 until it clicks – the old filter is now removed. Attach the new filter by inserting the speaker into Opening 2 – again, the click tells you the job is done. Replace the dome and you’re good to go. Each disk comes with eight filters, and its clever design not only makes servicing simple, but also keeps new filters away from the old ones.

Of course, there’s more to your Phonak Paradise than its earpiece. Another important area to keep clean is the microphone. It’s sensitive, so needs to be free of obstructions which could affect its ability to pick up sound. Therefore, always make sure your hands are clean when handling your hearing aid, and inspect the mic for dirt. Use a blower brush, or similar, to clean if necessary, but don’t poke anything into the mic itself or you could damage it.

If you have any trouble cleaning your device, be sure to consult one of our hearing care professionals. Perhaps if wax can no longer be removed from the dome’s opening, or if the earpiece tube is yellow and brittle. 

A final word of warning. These hearing aids are incredibly comfortable to wear all day long, so it’s easy to forget you’re even using them. Therefore, remember not to bring them into contact with water, steam, hairspray, or powders like makeup. Remove your Phonak Paradise before a bath or shower, and don’t leave in a steamy bathroom. While we’re on the subject, as part of your regular bathing, it’s a good idea to clean the bowel of your ear, as this will prevent unnecessary build-up of wax on the device. Finally, keep your hearing aid away from kids and pets, and don’t subject it to any nasty drops!

It’s all common sense really… and if you maintain your Phonak Paradise in the right way, you’ll be assured of many years’ exceptional service. You also have a three-year warranty, which covers everything except accidental damage, wear and tear, and loss. Plus, there’s some excellent online advice on getting the best from your new hearing aid, at both our website’s FAQ section and chat portal. Have fun!

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